Pax n. (paks, päks) the Latin word for peace.


Back in 2004 Helena Hughes, owner and operator of Pax Massage, was caring for her terminally ill grandmother when she brought in the assistance of Hospice. As part of their caring program, a massage therapist would visit every other week to give her grandmother a massage and would offer the care taker a massage as well. Helena would give that extra massage to her mother, who was also caring for her terminally ill grandfather and father at the time. She saw first-hand how the consistent power of touch could alleviate physical, emotional and mental pain. She continued down this healing path with her mother but would often need to skip months at a time due to cost or schedule limitations. She observed that during those skipped months the stress became harder to handle. This experience stuck with her over the years and inspired her to build an environment where she could improve the quality of life for others by making massage and holistic treatments accessible and affordable.

Life in itself is very stressful and has a way of throwing many different things at us. The majority of research done on massage therapy suggests that when there is a reduction in stress levels following a massage, people in turn will feel less pain, anxiety, fatigue and depression, are less likely to be sick and are more likely to sleep better. Our goal at Pax Massage is to de-stress and re-balance your mind, body and spirit in the ultimate inviting, calming and relaxing environment. We understand how important it is to take care of yourself, and how little time, money and options people have to make that happen. We are excited to take a Wellness Program-based approach to massage that allows therapeutic massage to play an essential role in maintaining your healthy lifestyle and managing your stress.

At Pax Massage we want to bring peace into your life. We want you to leave your worries outside our door, and treat yourself to a relaxing escape that will leave you refreshed and ready for the world. Come discover the power of massage and live life well.

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