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LMT# 774482        ABMP# 1357952

Jess graduated from the SpaTech Institute therapeutic massage program, with over 650 hours in classroom and hands on training. She specializes in many different deep tissue modalities including myofascial, neuromuscular technique, positional release and cupping massage with silicone cups.

Jess has always wanted a career where she was helping people in a meaningful way – and what better way to help people than with her own hands! She can offer a relaxation massage or a therapeutic massage with medium, firm or dep pressure. Jess is passionate about empowering her clients with the knowledge and skills to maintain lifelong health and wellness in their lives.

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy



LMT# 12776        ABMP #1111843

Vicki graduated from SpaTech Institute in Ipswich, MA with 650 hours of classroom and hands on training. She specializes in Swedish relaxation, deep tissue massage and therapeutic pain management, using such techniques as postural analysis, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, positional release, ROM stretching, trigger point therapy, and hydrotherapy. Also holding her Reiki II certification, she integrates that energy work into her Holistic Massage.

Vicki feels there are so many people with chronic pain and stress related issues. She truly wants to make a difference by helping people reduce that pain and stress in order to build up their natural defenses and increase their energy levels to maintain their long term overall wellness.

She brings a positive healing energy to her sessions along with a deep understanding and caring for her clients. She likes to build a good rapport with them so that she can work together with them to help attain their goals of balancing stress reduction and relaxation with energetic therapies throughout their everyday lives.


Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Therapeutic Touch,
Holistic Massage


Pax Massage
Pax Massage


LMT# 6573         ABMP# 849786

Joe graduated from Spa Tech Institute in Westbrook, Maine with over 600 hours of classroom and hands-on training. Joe specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. He has a passion for healing others, and is constantly amazed by the healing effects massage has on others. Joe brings a wonderfully relaxing massage along with the ability to bring relief from everyday and prolonged physical stress. His combination of soothing strokes with pauses of Deep pressure techniques will leave you feeling like new.

Joe specializes in both lower and upper back along with hip and glut work.  He can do a medium, firm and deep pressure.

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy, Hot Stone


LMT# 1710       

Nick graduated from Palmer Institute of Massage with over 750 hours in classroom and hands on training in massage. He is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Sports Massage and specializes in the relief of muscular pain. Nick loves helping his clients relax and escape from their stressful lives. He also loves to relieve his clients of their pain so that they can return to their busy, active lives as quickly as possible. Nick firmly believes that regular massage should be a part of everyone's health and wellness program.

Nick specializes in deep tissue massage. His previous careers as a personal trainer and professional dancer add to his knowledge of the human anatomy and are reflected in his massage work.

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Pregnancy, Pain Management, Aromatherapy,  


LMT# 4009         AMTA# 215488

Marta Witthoft comes from New York State with 25 years of experience in the field of massage therapy. She attended the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy where she obtained New York State Licensure and Massage Therapy Certification, and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.
Marta has been employed through the Norwich Inn and Spa, Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires, Kripalu, Bella Sante on Newbury Street, and The Sports Club LA in Boston. She has worked in cooperation with physical therapists, chiropractors and personal fitness trainers. 
Her primary modalities are Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Integrated Acupressure, and Hot Stone Massage. Additionally, she holds Level I certifications in both Craniosacral Massage and Reiki. 

As do most massage therapists, she combines a variety of techniques to suit the needs of her clients providing them with therapeutic massage. 

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, Holistic



LMT# 8537         AMTA# 1239982

Britt graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in Watertown, MA with over 750 hours in classroom and hands on training. She is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Hot Stones and Sports Massage. Britt is also trained in cancer and cranio-sacral treatments. Britt loves that she can help people who come in with their stress and/or pain. After just an hour she watches them leave feeling relaxed and mellow, or refreshed, clear eyed and with a new spring in their step - with less tightness and pain! Britt is wonderful in developing treatment plans and self care ideas.
Britt combines light to medium soothing strokes with deep pressure in target areas using neuromuscular and positional release techniques. She can also include various stretches in her treatments. You will love Britt's neck, back and glut work!

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Pregnancy, Aromatherapy,
Body Exfoliation


Pax Massage
Pax Massage



LMT# 7185         ABMP# 227127

Patty graduated from The Muscular Therapy Institute/Cortiva in Watertown, MA with over 750 hours of classroom training. She is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Myofascial Release, Pregnancy Massages and Injury Work. Patty thinks the best part of her job is making people feel better. As a young girl she massaged her mother’s legs. It was then that she first thought about being a massage therapist. Patty is thrilled to have finally made her dream come true!

Patty offers a great stress releasing, relaxation massage.  She can address almost any issue a client is having.  Patty can do a medium, firm and deep pressure for her clients.

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Pregnancy



LMT# 1038        ABMP

Colette graduated from Palmer Institute with over 750 hours in classroom and hands on training. She has worked as a massage therapist for over a decade. During her career, Colette has trained under top professionals, and incorporates elements of reiki and polarity into her sessions. She focuses on people's postures and holding patterns (and how she can help change bad habits.)

Colette's focus is to help people take what she has to offer on the table and bring it home to continue to help themselves. Her calm and positive nature puts her clients at ease and allows them to receive a good healing massage.

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Aromatherapy,





LMT# 8661         ABMP# 971422

Helena graduated from SpaTech Institute in Ipswich, MA with over 600 hours of classroom and hands on training. Helena is Pax Massage's resident Polarity Practitioner, and has great passion for how mentally and physically healing this energetic treatment is. Helena began her career in massage and polarity therapy after caring for her terminally ill Grandmother and witnessing first hand how massage therapy helped her through the pain. Helena knows what a gift this type of peace can be, and loves being in a profession where she can pass this on to others on a daily basis.

Helena offers a relaxing and powerful polarity session that will leave you feeling as if your tension has been totally cleared from your body. She also offers a relaxing and therapuetic massage. Helena specializes in working with terminally ill clients or those who are dealing with any form of grief in their life. Helena can do a firm to deep pressure for her clients.

Polarity Therapy, Holistic, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy,
and Pregnancy Massage


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